i am literally the only person laughing at myself at this point

i am literally the only person laughing at myself at this point

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i just started following the guy who plays rick from degrassi on twitter

i am double fisting ciders alone in my apartment

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this post /post/93265847099/girl-with-zine-i-love-grimes-girl-with-2-zines is a lil grrlhate-y and it makes me sad :c


i think its funny sarry

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this song got me suspended from christian school

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girl with zine: I love grimes
girl with 2 zines: don't you think she's a little played out?


Celebrating 40 Years of Disabled Lesbian Activism and Art

Image description: Four photos of disabled lesbians. #1: Color photo of people in a park, some of them holding a giant banner that reads “Honoring Dykes with Disabilities.” #2: Two women playing basketball in wheelchairs. #3: a black woman with glasses and natural hair playing ping pong. #4: Two light-skinned women dancing with AXIS, a physically integrated dance group. One woman in a wheelchair, and the other woman is…it’s hard to describe, but she’s upside-down, with her legs in the air, and her head in the woman’s lap, simulating oral sex.

These images come from Fabled/Asp, an organization that aims to “combine storytelling and filmmaking to document and continue the revolution in queer disability arts, aesthetics, politics and culture.” They’re such a great resource for history, culture, and politics of disabled lesbians.